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To turn a dream into reality-few Insights about life

My studio was born after a journey I went through in the last two years- a journey into myself. The insights I gathered along the way formed the basis for its formation.

Hi I am Estrela Welcome to my blog Life is short. I understand that life feels shorter when we do not stop to check where we are headed. When we do not stop to examine how we live, and whether it suits us, we increase the risk that we will wake up another X years, in the wrong place, dissatisfied. This understanding led me to stop and re-examine my life as they occur and when I am well. Looking back, in order to look forward to look directly at and what is really important to me and ask - what in my life does not get enough attention. So I stopped. I dived inside. I did an introspection. And I asked myself, * Who and what brings out my best self in me? * What makes me good? * What makes me smile? *What was I doing the last time that made me feel like time was running out? *Do I have a dream or a goal that I have abandoned? The answers to these questions (among other things) led me to my old love since I was a child and I have always carried with me -art & craft creation. Actually the process I went through formed the basis for the establishment of my studio - EstrelaStudio


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