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About Me


I'm Estrela

My name means - a star! That's why the shape of a star is my logo, which appears in a few variations in each of my designs.

My passion for creation and art has always been there, and now I'm finally living that dream.

It arises in my life after a long career as an educational consultant and student coordinator, a career during which I worked in a routine of nine to five, in large organizations and my jobs included, among other things, providing emotional support, mentoring, coaching, and administrative services.

For the past two years, I pace through a long process that eventually realized that this occupation no longer satisfies me. After my feelings matured, I finally decided to leave the safe place, follow my heart, and follow my true passion for design and creativity

I believe that the courage to listen to your heart and soul leads you to a path to make a difference when the time is right.

In my studio, I create handmade necklaces intuitively and from my vast experience, which I have accumulated in adapting colors shapes, and textures. My design flows naturally and I'm inspired by the nature around me and from the sea, and from dozens of photos that I take and catalog on my inspirational album

 My unique designs combine colorful gemstones in all necklaces and also incorporate elements of shapes and symbols that I feel connected to - from good quality metals- Goldfield and Silver/

Engaging in the field of design and creativity brings me joy and pleasure and always connects me to the here and now!

What excites me most of all every time is that women love and wear the necklaces and bracelets I've created

Hope you enjoy my jewelry and find the necklace

that best suit you and that makes you happiest.

Estrela ♡

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