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About Me

Hello, I'm Estrela!

My name means "a star," which is why the shape of a star is the logo that appears in various forms in all of my designs.

I've always had a passion for art and creation, and now I'm finally living my dream. For many years, I worked as an educational consultant and student coordinator in large organizations, where my responsibilities included providing emotional support, mentoring, coaching, and administrative services. However, after much introspection and soul-searching, I realized that this career no longer satisfied me. I summoned the courage to follow my heart and pursue my true passion for design and creativity.

In my studio, I create handmade necklaces using my vast experience and intuition in adapting colors, shapes, and textures. My designs flow naturally and are inspired by the nature around me, the sea, and the countless photos I take and store in my inspirational album. All my unique designs incorporate colorful gemstones and elements of shapes and symbols that I feel connected to, using good quality metals such as Goldfield and Silver.

Engaging in the field of design and creativity brings me great joy and pleasure and always keeps me present in the here and now!

What excites me the most is when women love and wear the necklaces and bracelets I've created. I hope you enjoy my jewelry and find the necklace that suits you best and brings you the most happiness.

Thank you for stopping by!

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