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Designed with 4mm heliotrope beads combining elements of 925 silver metals and stainless steel

and a star-shaped pendant.

An elegant delicate necklace vintage-inspired which is suitable for almost any look.

Silver star pendant with heliotrope stone necklace

  • Heliotrope is known to be suitable for both excess and lack of energy states. It can be used during a physical and emotional balancing process. Its closeness to your body encourages vitality and increases the natural love for life and the motivation to do positive things, contributes to creativity, and encourages the use of your skills to help others as well.

    It clarifies the thought and thus strengthens the concentration and allows for inner calm and patience. It is good to carry when important decisions need to be made or in times of stress and strain improves the overall balance in a time of significant life changes.

  • Direct contact of the stones with perfume, cream, oils, or other cosmetic preparations may damage some of them, so it is recommended to wear the necklace only after these substances have been absorbed by the body.

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