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About Gemstones

The practice of crystals in the field of complementary medicine and mysticism is also called Gemology, and in this context, crystals are attributed to energetic properties that are supposed to affect the body and mind.

The discourse around the energetic impact of crystals was born due to the crystallization form, structure, and mineral composition.

The secret of their influence is not related to belief in them, the effect of crystals on babies and animals proves that there is no need for faith, but acceptance. Enabling. However, what is acceptable to those engaged in this field, is that influence has increased when we mean them and are aware of their influence. When we allow them to influence us, we accept them and expect change.

According to this approach, we will be intuitively drawn to crystals that some or all of their composition, of minerals we lack.

However, it is known that also colors have an effect on us, when in crystals and in general. The origin of the colors of the crystals is in their chemical composition and structure.

Personally, I recommend first of all allowing yourself to enjoy the beauty, the power of nature without thinking too much. Just be select, touch and let the crystals do the work. Allow them to balance your energies and thus affect the different layers of your life.


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